Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider before buying a pool?

A pool purchase is a big investment, both in terms of the initial installation, and also ongoing maintenance. Before you buy a pool, consider:

  • The costs (including maintenance) of the different pool types, such as Concrete v Fibreglass.
  • The timeframe that installing a pool will take - if you want a new pool ready for summer you'll need to start preparing a few months in advance.
  • The design, size and shape of your new pool
  • The best location within your yard for the pool, considering weather, privacy and obstacles.

Is the spot I've chosen going to work?

There are a number of factors that will influence which is the best location for your new pool. Our friendly staff can help advise on the best place, factoring in the weather, obstacles on your block, and other issues that may not be immediately apparent. We've also put together some tips for choosing the best location within your yard.

How much will a pool cost me?

The price of a pool varies depending on the size, shape, construction method and location of your pool. For a free quote, contact the RickStar Pools and Spas team.

How long does construction take?

The construction time of your pool will depend on the type of pool you have chosen. An estimated timeframe will be provided to you during the quoting process.

What is the difference between fibreglass and concrete pools?

We've put together a handy guide outlining the key differences between Concrete v Fibreglass pools.

What are my colour options? Are there different sizes and shapes can I choose from?

For Fibreglass pools, we offer a wide range of options. Visit our Gallery to view some of your options. If you'd prefer a concrete pool, the size, shape and colour options are limitless!

What approvals are needed?
Council approval is needed for the installation of a new pool. The RickStar team will guide you through every step of the approval process, giving you peace of mind.

I don't have much space - can I still have a pool?

Yes! We can offer a pool to suit almost any sized yard, with options such as smaller sized pools and spas for smaller blocks, through to lap pools for longer, narrower sites.

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