Preparing your pool for Summer

15 November 2018

With the weather starting to warm up, now's a great time to look at getting your pool ready for the summer months. While some preparation should have taken place over winter, here are a few tips.

  1. Don't empty your pool. Unless you have no other choice, it's important not to empty your pool. The weight of the water in your pool is actually an important structural feature, and emptying your pool may cause it to pop up out of the ground. If you believe you have no other options, contact RickStar Pools and Spas - we can advise on your best course of action.
  2. Get your water professionally tested.Contact RickStar Pools and Spas on (02) 4972 5586 to book in a water test. We can advise on the mineral content, pH and chemical levels of your water, and assist you in making the necessary adjustments.
  3. Top up the water level. Over winter the water level of your pool may have dropped due to evaporation. 
  4. Keep your pool covered until the water is clear. We know, diving in to the pool is tempting, but removing your pool's cover early will just make the clean up job more difficult. 
  5. Once the pool water is clear, you can remove the cover and give the pool and pool area a good clean. Remove any stray debris from the pool, vacuum the leaves from the bottom of the pool, and remove any loose branches or vegetation that may be a risk of falling into your pool.
  6. Maintain your pool throughout the summer months. This doesn't need to be a time consuming task - check your water filter and keep it clean, remove debris from the water, sweep around the pool, and test the chemicals. The RickStar Pools and Spas team can also help with this process, by professionally testing your pool water to ensure it's in the best possible condition.