Your Pool Needs Regular Maintenance

15 July 2018

You have the Aussie dream, a beautiful backyard pool, so you always want the added benefit of being able to use it whenever you like, right? Just like a home or car, you need regular pool maintenance to always look and work at its best.

Depending on the location of your pool will depend on the amount of upkeep you will need, if your pools are like most in an Aussie backyard, you probably have trees and therefore leaves and debris that fall into your water. By providing regular pool maintenance to keep your pool clean and ensure your water has the right amount of chemicals could save you hours of work every month.

Skim and brush your pool each week, if debris like leaves and insects are left too long they start to break down and stain your pool leaving it dirty and cloudy. Your skimmer box and filter should remove smaller particles, but the larger or heavy items will not make it through the system. Scoop out any leaves and give the wall and base of your pool a regular scrub to remove the dirt, algae and scum that builds up on its surface. Have your filter running while you do this and it will help to remove any smaller debris. Make sure you clean out your skimmer box and backwash your filter, they are both there to work for you by removing particles from the surface of the water and can’t function at their optimum level if they are clogged with leaves. Vacuum the pool or run your pool cleaner to pick up any residual gunk from the water.

Without regular pool maintenance, the water in your pool can develop bacteria and if you swim in a dirty pool you can run into health issues. Test the water about once a month in the offseason and once per week in peak season or more when your pool is in high use during the peak swimming months. Check the chemical levels in your pool with some easy test kits we have available with simple colour testers to tell you exactly what the problem is and what your pool could be lacking. The level of pH is important for safe use and the wrong amount of chlorine can cause red eyes and itchy skin. The Australian standard for pool water is within the range of 7.0 through to 7.8. The perfect balance is 7.4.

Spending about 30 minutes each week can have you reaping the rewards of a sparkling clean pool that’s refreshingly ready for use anytime you want to take a dip. Leaving your pool maintenance too long becomes a huge task, with these handy tips you can have your dream pool looking blue and feeling fresh right throughout the year.

Or, if you'd like RickStar Pools and Spas to handle the maintenance of your pool for you, give us a call on (02) 4972 5586 to discuss your needs. We have a highly experienced team of technicians on hand to handle your pool maintenance needs.