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If you’re into Health, Wellnes, and the Environment, then a MagnaPool is for you. 

Why choose a MagnaPool®?

With just 3 easy components mixed to create a mineral swimming experience in your own back yard, MagnaPool is great for people with sensitive skin prone to itchy skin or eyes, or if you suffer from muscle aches and pains. With the minerals found in magnesium chloride derived straight from the deep blue ocean, with powerful therapeutic properties to help you relax, both body and mind, it also helps to detoxify your skin from impurities. If you experience weakness or fatigue, eye twitches and muscle spasms, it could be because you have low levels of magnesium. With the mineral, magnesium, needed for proper organ functions in your body like your heart, kidneys and muscles, Rick Star mineral swimming pools can play an important role in your health and wellbeing.




Salt water and mineral pools are both made up of salt, water and chlorine, the difference you will recognise from a Rick Star mineral swimming pools is the silky feel to the water. A chlorinated pool can leave your skin feeling dry and irritated as well as leaving a strong smell in your hair and on your skin, with a salt water pool you sometimes feel sticky and your skin is left dehydrated. With a range of health benefits that you don’t get with a chlorine or salt water pool, everyone needs a Rick Star mineral swimming pool in their backyard.

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The blend of potassium and magnesium chloride offers a natural, healthy solution over a chlorine or salt water pool. With a long list of health benefits including soft, healthy, detoxed skin, you will also notice a reduction in stress with the Rick Star mineral swimming pool easing muscle strain and pain. With potassium and magnesium chloride used in

commercial agriculturure to promote photosynthesis and enzyme production, these mineral diluted in a 5-1 ratio are safe to use on your garden to grow healthy plants, (we recommend you check the council regulations with the treatment of backwash water) you don’t need to worry about harsh chemicals affecting the garden surrounding your pool.

If you are converting a manually dosed chlorine swimming pool we can fit a hydroxinator and connect the electrolytic cell on your plumbing line, then we fit a media filter either fiberglass or thermoplastic, as MagnaPool is not compatible with cartridge filters. We can empty the sand from your filter and then load a glass media of both fine and coarse glass to ensure you get the best effective backwashing and filtration system. We then run tests for salinity and/or TDS to analyse how many mineral bags to be add to your swimming pool. We recommend you let your system operate for 24hours to ensure you get the right amount of circulation and dilution. You will see foam appear in the water in the beginning with is normal for this system. We offer this service not just to new pool owners, you can modify your existing pool to a beautiful MagnaPool by speaking to one of our experienced staff members today. The final process involves you enjoying the health benefits of a Rick Star mineral swimming experience.

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